Nursery Tips: Cot Bedding and What You Need

As new parents, we have a list a mile long when it comes to preparing for our new bundle of joy. So, the decision about what kind and how much cot bedding and other linens to buy may be bigger than first expected. One of the most often asked questions we hear, is around Cot Bedding and What You Need.

What Bedding Do I Need for a Newborn?

For the first few months of your newborn’s life, they will require a crib, carrycot, or Moses Basket. This way, they will have a safe, secure, and cosy place to sleep that isn’t too far from mum and dad. Avoid baby nests when the baby is not supervised because there is a danger of suffocation.

Blankets and other loose linens should be left out of the cot as well. Instead, keep baby snug and secure with a swaddling blanket. Baby can then be placed in a Moses Basket with a stand for safe sleep.

What Kind of Cot Mattress is Best?

Keeping baby safe as they sleep is the number one priority. Selecting the best cot mattress is just as important as the bedding you use in and around the cot. When choosing a cot mattress, a firm and unpadded mattress is recommended.

The mattress should also have a snug fit in the cot, so there are no open spaces or gaps around the edges. When there are gaps, the baby can become trapped and suffocate.

A waterproof cover is beneficial to protect the cot mattress from leaks, bed bugs, and indoor allergens.

How Many Bedding Sets Should We Purchase?

How much cot bedding do you need to prepare the new nursery? You should have at least three to four sets of cot bedding available. That way, there is less chance of you running out of clean laundry when the cot needs to be changed.

Also, choose bedding that is long-lasting, durable, and easy to wash. We like having a fitted sheet, covered by a top sheet, and then a flat blanket with the top sheet folded over a bit.

You will soon find that the cot bedding will have to be changed out frequently, so having a few sets of fitted sheets and at least four cot sets on rotation make this process easier to keep up with so we have more time to spend with our little ones.

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