How To Swaddle Your Baby

How To Swaddle Your Baby

How To Swaddle Your Baby

Particularly for new parents, “How do you swaddle a baby step by step?” is a popular question. Perhaps the nurses at the hospital swaddled your baby while you were there, and now that you’re home, you have your burrito wrap ready – be it a jersey swaddle blanket, bamboo muslin swaddle blanket, or a Heritage Knit Blanket – and now you’re looking at this adorable little being in front of you and wondering… what next?

Surely, swaddling can’t be that difficult?!?  While there is a learning curve associated with how to swaddle your baby, you can catch on to it quickly, and it’s something you’ll never forget how to do.

Instructions, Safety Tips, And Benefits Of Swaddling Your Newborn Baby

It’s important to note that swaddling incorrectly can pose risks for baby, so it’s important to follow accurate step-by-step directions when it comes to a proper swaddling technique.

Your step-by-step swaddling guide should go something like this:

  1. Spread out your swaddling blanket, and slightly fold over one corner. Lay your baby on their back on the blanket, making sure that their head is at the edge of the folded corner. Hold your baby in place and pick up one corner of the blanket, bringing it across your baby’s body and tucking it in beneath them.
  2. Take the bottom of the blanket and fold it up and over your baby’s feet.
  3. While still holding your baby in place, pick up the other corner of the blanket and wrap it across your baby’s body. At this point, only your baby’s head and neck should remain exposed. Make sure not to swaddle too tightly and that your baby’s hips and legs can move freely within the blanket in order to avoid developmental dysplasia of the hip.

When swaddled, babies experience the same security and comfort they’re used to feeling in the womb. The time to stop swaddling comes when your baby can roll over onto their stomach on their own.

Happy Swaddling!

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