Decorating Tips for When You’re Just Starting Out

Decorating Tips for When You're Just Starting Out

When you get your first home, you may find yourself wondering how you should go about decorating it because you are essentially starting from scratch. To decorate your home when you ‘re just starting out, there are a few simple steps to follow as you find pieces you love.

What is Your Style?

Decorating Tips for When You're Just Starting OutOf course, the first step is to narrow down your personal style. Figuring out the design style is half the battle. Once you figure this part out, you’ll find it’s much easier to find pieces, colours, textures, and furniture to add to the space.

A more modern style will showcase cleaner lines and have more earthy and natural tones throughout the space. A more contemporary style strips everything down to a more minimalist appearance and used primary accent colours like whites, blacks, and greys. Instead of the natural wood elements you find with modern design, you will opt for metals and glass for a contemporary feel.

Start with the Bigger Pieces

Decorating Tips for When You're Just Starting OutStarting with the bigger pieces of furniture in each room first is a good way to start because more often than not, that piece is going to be a focal point. The table, for example, is the primary piece in a dining room while the couch and coffee table may be the primary pieces in a living room, and a bed and headboard in the bedroom.

Once that piece is in place, all your other elements will fall nicely into place around the biggest piece. Remember, the bigger piece in each room is also probably where you will be investing the most money.

Choosing Paint

You can then start to take a closer look at your paint options. Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to completely transform any space in the home. Vibrant and bold colours can be used for dramatic emphasis, or you can use these colours on one of the walls to create an eye-catching accent.