Creating a Coastal Vibe for the Home

Creating a Coastal Vibe for the Home

Coastal style is one of the styles that is growing in popularity because it brings the feel of the beach indoors. Most coastal spaces boast of clean whites, ocean hues, and natural fabrics and accessories. All of which accomplishes bringing the coast indoors.

While these are all the basic fundamentals of a Coastal style, there are several different types of Coastal decorating that you should keep in mind.

American Coastal

Creating a Coastal Vibe for the HomeThis style promotes comfort and includes all the basic elements already mentioned including the clean white accents, the blue ocean hues, and natural elements. It is included nautical décor and reflective surfaces.

Tropical Inland Coastal

This promotes more of an island aesthetic meaning that it incorporates more in the way of brighter colour combinations and patterns alongside the natural elements like teach and wood. It also has more cultural influence.

Mediterranean Coastal

This style is reminiscent of Italy and Spain and incorporates more in the way of darker, natural colours like terra cotta. It also begs for natural light and steps away from the traditional and clean look of white and instead uses darker metals and more detail.

Choosing Your Style

Creating a Coastal Vibe for the HomeOne of the reasons people choose a Coastal aesthetic is because it has a more soothing colour palette and screams relaxation. Therefore, when choosing the right design for you, keep your needs and lifestyle in mind.

Are you a fan of the brighter colours or do you like the look of the more natural and earthy elements that Mediterranean Coastal provides? You can also mix patterns, textures, and styles until you find the perfect combination for your space while also incorporating both modern and traditional accents.

You are not limited to one specific Coastal style while decorating, so have fun with it and personalise the space any way you please.