Choosing the Right Candle Fragrances for the Home

Choosing the Right Candle Fragrances for the Home

Candles in the home help create a more inviting and even relaxing environment. From the meditative dancing of the flame, to the aromatic fragrance, there is so much to love and will make you want to light a candle in each room of the home.

So, where do you begin? How do you choose the right candle fragrance for each room in the home?

For the Bathroom

Choosing the Right Candle Fragrances for the HomeYou want the bathroom to have more of a fresh scent. The space is smaller than the other rooms of the home, so you don’t want to overwhelm the bathroom with stronger fragrances that may end up being too much for the area.

Stick to the lighter, fresher scents. Fresh scents are light and often aquatic and are reminiscent of clean linen. A light floral scent can also be used with hints of lavender, jasmine, and lilac to encourage relaxation and a sense of calmness and serenity.

For the Bedroom

You will also want a relaxing scent for the bedroom because this is the room you unwind in and eventually fall asleep in. The floral scents used in the bathroom can also be used in the bedroom, but don’t be afraid to go for a heavier floral scent since the room is much bigger.

Lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood scents are ideal for the bedroom and help promote better sleeping habits. Floral fragrances like rose and jasmine offer a romantic feel to the room.

For the Kitchen

Choosing the Right Candle Fragrances for the HomeThe kitchen will do well with a fragrance that is more citrus in nature. This scent is especially good if you are someone who shies away from the sweeter smells of baked goods. Citrus is a bright and refreshing scent that works wonderfully in the kitchen.

For the Living Room

Cedarwood and sandalwood are good for the living room because they are softer fragrances and offer a subtle earthy and woodsy scent to the room. It helps you and your guests feel more comfortable without being too strong to offend.

For other fragrance options to use around the home, visit Willow & Bell’s soy candle selection where you can choose from a variety of scents including the tantalising scent of tropical coconut and zesty lime, or choose something sweeter like the buttery caramel scent of vanilla, coconut, and tonka bean.

Fill your home with the smell of love!