Boho Interior Trends and Ideas for the Home

Also known as Bohemian style, Boho is a style of decorating that creates a place of culture and interest and embraces all that is relaxing and eclectic. Boho style is often preferred by the travellers of the world who are inspired by art and what they have seen on their travels.

They incorporate the colours, styles, ideas, and patterns they see from many different cultures into their design and create a more personalised style for their home.

Playing with Color

Boho Interior Trends and Ideas for the HomeThe Boho style uses a lot of warmer colours including more earthy and natural tones. However, it’s also common to find jewel tones and metallics mixed into the theme as well.

Mixing patterns and textures is one of the signature moves of someone aiming for a Bohemian style, and they are no stranger to hanging tapestries as art to adorn the otherwise bland walls.


While some believe less is more Boho style embraces the philosophy of more is more. Mixing and matching are typically done when it comes to the patterns and textures that are used. Have you ever considered mixing burlap material with a silk material?

Comfort is also important, so don’t be afraid to use all the throws, pillows, and cushions you desire to inspire a space more conducive to relaxing and hanging out.

Furniture Choices

Boho Interior Trends and Ideas for the HomeNow that you have a basic starting point to create Boho style in the home, you now need to consider the type of furniture you can use to bring it all together. This is when it’s a great idea to pull out those vintage pieces you may have collecting dust in storage.

Overstuffed chairs, floor pillows, chaise lounges, hammocks, daybeds, and hanging chairs are all pieces you can find with this style — anything comfortable and good for lounging.

No matter what pieces you choose for your new Boho style, you will find that it is a fun and eclectic way to showcase your personality while surrounding yourself with pieces you can fall in love with over and over again.

Happy decorating!