Best Essential Oils for Babies Sleep

Best Essential Oils for Babies Sleep

If you have ever wondered if essential oils can really help your baby sleep, studies show that lavender essential oil seems to relax and soothe babies, and lead to better, deeper, longer sleep. That’s not surprising, since lavender is the most well known oil for sleep problems as it is incredibly calming and has great sedative properties. Lavender is a well-loved essential oil for use in a baby’s nursery and you can simply use one or two drops of lavender in a diffuser.

Using Essential Oils With Your Baby

It is very important to make sure the aromatherapy essential oils you use are pure therapeutic grade. Some store bought essential oils can have unwanted ingredients like fillers, pesticides, chemicals, fragrance and other synthetic additives. These fillers don’t have the same healing benefits as pure oil. It’s also important to remember that less is more! Often, 1 or 2 drops is all you need. The Eco Modern Essential Oil range is therapeutic grade and made in Australia.

Is Aromatherapy Safe For my Baby?

Yes, you can safely use essential oils with your baby but it’s a good idea to keep a couple of things in mind. Firstly, always consult your healthcare provider or naturopath whenever starting anything new with your baby. Some may not be knowledgeable in the use of essential oils so it may be important to look around and find one who is.

Always Dilute With a Carrier Oil

Essential oils are super concentrated so you should always dilute them and for babies especially, you’re going to want to dilute oils even more! As an approximate guideline for newborn babies and up to 1 year old it is recommended you add 8 drops of a carrier oil such as coconut oil or almond oil, to 1 drop essential oil.

Start Slowly

The first time you use essential oils with your baby it’s a good idea to start slowly. You could begin with adding a drop of lavendar oil on your own skin so your little one gets used to the smell whenever you have a cuddle. Before using essential oils on your baby’s skin, do a test patch on their leg to make sure they don’t have an adverse reaction before using again. Remember to dilute the oil in a carrier oil first.

A good idea is diffusing essential oils before applying topically (again use less drops than you normally would), and babies NEVER should be ingesting oils.

How to Diffuse Your Oils

Diffusing is our absolute favourite way to use essential oils with our little ones. Incorporating an ultrasonic diffuser with a night light into your babies bedtime routine, creates the most peaceful atmosphere in the room for both parents and baby. Simply add a couple of drops of your preferred sleepy oils into the diffuser and turn it on while you are getting their pyjamas on or feeding them.

How to diffuse your essential oils

Best Aromatherapy Essential Oils for Sleep


Calming lavender is known for helping with sleep and is a well-loved essential oil for use in a baby’s nursery. Simply use one or two drops of lavender in the diffuser.

Roman Chamomile

Roman chamomile is another great oil known for its calming, soothing, and relaxing properties. It has a light, floral scent and is wonderful for creating a peaceful environment. We love to diffuse Roman Chamomile with Lavender in the nursery before bedtime.


Another wonderful oil to add to the diffuser blend is Cedarwood. You can even use in in an essential oil roller on baby’s feet before bed. Just remember to dilute it more than normal for baby.

Which Oils Should You Avoid Using on Babies?

Due to their chemical components, some essential oils are not safe for use with babies and children. Therefore, it’s best to avoid the below oils:

If in doubt, it’s always best to consult an aromatherapist for the use of aromatherapy. But if you stick to the three essential oils listed at the start of this article and follow the precautions, you and your baby can enjoy the benefits that aromatherapy may offer.

Little Calm & Focus Trio

You can’t go wrong with this selection of three pure essential oil blends which have been specifically developed for children aged 2 years and older to naturally help them sleep, relax and focus. Why not turn your evening into a beautiful pre-bedtime ritual with your kids by diffusing your favourite blend. Whether you are wanting to help your little ones unwind, get a better sleep or promote concentration during homework, essential oils can assist in creating a natural and supportive environment.

Little Calm and Focus Trio

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