A Romantic Picnic for Two

After a long winter, and for so many of us in lockdown and isolation it’s wonderful to have the warm sunshine of spring here and the opportunity to get outside and spend time with our loved ones.

One of the best and most relaxing dates you can plan is a simple but romantic picnic for two. It’s an excellent way to spend some quality time together while enjoying the outdoors and the company of your favourite foods. We have a brief breakdown on what you should pack for a picnic from the food and drink to other items that can prove to make the experience a memorable one.

The Picnic Basket

A Romantic Picnic for TwoThe first item on the list is the picnic basket. For a romantic two-person picnic, you can choose a smaller basket often made from wicker with a few accessories that you will need.

Some picnic baskets come with a built-in thermally-insulated cooler bag that will help keep your food and snacks fresh for longer. Cutlery is also included for the two of you to enjoy your date outdoors.

A deluxe picnic basket is also a great choice. The deluxe version comes with the two sets of cutlery, wine glasses, plates, napkins, and a cheeseboard everything you need to experience the perfect picnic outing.

What to Bring

Now it’s time to fill your picnic basket with goodies. Champagne on ice in your thermally-insulated cooler or any other type of sparkling wine will be chilled and ready for your toast for two.

A Romantic Picnic for TwoBread, a Caprese salad and a tart, and a delicious dessert will help round out your romantic picnic meal. A few chocolate-dipped strawberries to go along with that champagne wouldn’t hurt either.

The picnic blanket is another essential part of the outing that you don’t want to forget. Bring a decently sized blanket that will comfortably fit both you and your partner, so you aren’t fighting for a corner. You want to make sure you have enough room to spread out.

To lessen the list of things you will have to remember for your picnic, the deluxe picnic basket makes everything go much more smoothly because it has everything you need for the perfect outdoor picnic date with your love.