A Few Ways to Refresh Your Bedding

If you just purchased a new set of sheets that you are really excited about, then odds are you want to take all the measures possible to keep them in pristine condition. This is where refreshing your bedding, and even your mattress can prove helpful in improving the condition and longevity of your new cotton sheets.

Don’t Ignore the Mattress

The mattress is often forgotten when it comes time to wash the sheets and clean up the bedroom. To keep everything fresh and clean and to continue providing a good foundation for your new sheets, run the vacuum over the mattress every so often with some of those helpful attachments.

Freshen Things Up

Higher thread counts while luxurious and comfortable can also be heavier and less breathable than other sheets. To keep things fresh, it’s best to go with a lighter and more breathable fabric during the warmer months to maintain the comfort you have grown accustomed to.

Update Bedding

While the above tips are meant to help those who have already purchased their new bedding, they can still be followed once you decide to invest in new sheets.

Updating your sheets is a great way to freshen things up, and the right set can transform a room. Don’t continue with those thin favourites -find a new set to fall in love with!

You can choose from a variety of different colours and styles and even textures. You can also take your refresher a bit further and introduce new pillows and throws as well to create an inviting bed surface.

For the ultimate travel perk- Splurge on new pillowcases to take with you – lay your head down on your own smooth, crisp covered pillowcase each night away from home!

Out with the old and in with the new. Comfort and luxury await you following your new bedding refresher!